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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: May 24, 2016 7:54am
Forum: movies Subject: What a difference a day doesn't make

To repeat a quote:
"This account was a contributor until informed by the admins that contributions were no longer necessary."

Well, either the intel is inaccurate
Missr John is a co-owner
Missr John jus’ don’t care whether or not his contributions are “necessary” an’ will upload onto/into IA what/when-ever he wants - - - - an’ the admins let him do it.

What about other folks - - - like Arkiver who loads more Tv station stuff {Korean Tv but not so much as to hide everyone else} . . . . . or 555 . . . or Chris85? The symbol used by Chris85 as a ‘brand ?’ seems to be something I have seen before - - - and not very nice - - - but I’ve not researched that yet. Anyhoo, Not that I’m all that over enthused about their ‘contributions’ (so what?) but who can find their stuff among Missr Houser’s stuff?

Who can find ANYTHING among the daily thousands of Missr Hauser’s items?

Editing for accuracy and a little content
Noah 8-?

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